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Big Reveal: How Much To Rent This Water Mill Estate For Two Weeks?

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Location: 479 Rose Hill Road, Water Mill
Rental Price: $395K

This home is notable not just because of the pricetag for a two-week rental, but for being the second largest consumer of water in the Hamptons. Ironically, the owner?Chairman of Cavalry Portfolio Services Andrew Zaro?was recently involved with Oceana, an organization dedicated to "protecting the world's oceans". Guess he's trying to save the ocean from itself.

We had a couple of readers that came pretty close to spotting the price on this abbreviated summer rental?one guessed $375K while another thought $400K would get the job done. There was a commenter that hoped Mr. Zaro would entice the Clintons with a $100K ask "so they don't come back to East Hampton this summer" while another overshot by more than a $100K.

And our first (and hopefully last) YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT AWARD™ goes to guest #5: "Isn't it illegal to do a SHORT-TERM rental with NO RENTAL PERMIT??? Looks like I'm going to have to report this serious violation of the Town's Rental Law." Watch out! Here comes Debbie Downer.

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