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Almost Four Years Later, 91 Jobs Lane Finds A Buyer

Even though this nine-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom (?) property has recently moved into contract, the owners probably won't be celebrating anytime soon. After putting the place on the market in March of 2008 for $12.995M, they were forced to shave $2M from the pricetag during the years that followed.

Now, a few pricechops are to be expected these days, especially for a home that languished on the market for as long as this one. However, Lc 91 Jobs Land LLC bought at the height of the market and shelled out $9.5M for the place in 2007. If they get the current listed price?which is doubtful?their return will be minimal. In fact, they'll be lucky to break even let alone avoid losing money on the place.

· Listing: 91 Jobs Lane [Corcoran]