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Rent Southampton's Linden Estate This Summer For $850K

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Curbed readers might be familiar with this Southampton twelve-bedroom as it's made an appearance or two on these pages before. If the $49M purchase price is too much scratch for you to pull together, you'll be happy to know that for $850K the place can be rented for the summer season. Sure, that's enough to buy a home outright, but we bet the brokerbabble won't read like this:

"8,000+ square feet on three floors, including 12 principal bedrooms, 12 full and three half baths, and separate staff quarters. Basking in nine-plus acres of park-like privacy on exclusive Ox Pasture Road, Linden sits in the heart of the Estate Section. The property offers a 60' x 20' outdoor and indoor pool, spa, grass tennis court, paddle court, two pavilions with full kitchens, arbors, fountain, carriage house with connecting greenhouse and an equipment house."All you need to do is get a dozen of your buddies to chip in around $70K each and you can be the kings of Southampton. Well, for three months, anyway. Any takers? · Listing: Linden: Estate Section Residence [Sotheby's]