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White's Building On The Market For The First Time Since 1954

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Before the panic sets in: Vincent Alibrandi, the owner of White's Pharmacy, is just thinking about relocating and has no plans on leaving East Hampton. Well, "for at least another 15 years" according to Hal Zwick, the Devlin McNiff Halstead Properties broker with the listing: "The business is going very strong."

Although Mr. Alibrandi owns the pharmacy, the building housing it belongs to the Marmon family. They've put the Main Street property on the market for a hefty $7.75M. The asking price includes 3,000 sq. ft. of retail space on the first floor, a 1,600 sq. ft. basement and two upstairs apartments. There's also the option to lease just the retail part for $375K/year. According to the listing brochure, the property could be "delivered empty by this spring."

So...who wants to guess what high-end store we'll be seeing pop up this summer?

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White's Pharmacy

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