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The Montauk Grifter

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Gawker's got a great write-up on the story of Dan Kaufman a.k.a Dan Katze a.k.a. Dan Kay a.k.a. "The Montauk Grifter". After pleading guilty to grand larceny in 2010 for skimming $30K from customer credit cards in his four Brooklyn Heights restaurants, Mr. Kaufman?now calling himself Mr. Kaye?conned CloudMob Media into hiring him as its chief technology officer for $20K. He then used this money to bankroll a summer/fall rental in Montauk where he entertained "a sophisticated social circle of New Yorkers...with a never-ending cascade of extravagant lies" and, using free dating site OKCupid, convinced a bevy of women to date him. Fortunately, the NYPD caught up with him late last month and he's currently awaiting trial on charges of grand larceny. If you've got some free time this morning, the entire piece is really worth the read. [Gawker]