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Bad Idea: Including A Confederate Flag In Your Listing Photos

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This two-bedroom cape in Ditch Plains caught our eye not for its ever-shrinking price tag, not for its proximity "to the best ocean and surfing beaches in Montauk", and certainly not for its tiny .18 acre parcel. No, what jumped out at us was the inexplicable decision to leave the confederate flag hanging up on one of the bedroom walls.

We're remaining mum on the debate surrounding the symbol of Southern Pride, but including such a controversial object is probably not the wisest of moves when trying to entice folks into parting with $755K. We can look past the granny chic interiors, but not this. While the too-high pricetag (even after four pricechops) is the main reason why the place has been languishing on the market for two and a half years, the rebel flag certainly isn't helping. Thoughts?

· Listing: Charming Cape In Ditch [Atlantic Beach Realty]