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A Bates-Masi Contemporary In Northwest Woods For $895K

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Unlike another Harry Bates-designed house on the market (which also happens to be located nearby), this listing smartly comes right out and says who's responsible for the design: "This 3 bedroom, 2 full bath home is authentic 1960's Bates & Masi Modern Contemporary." And unlike that other property, the agents sprung for some photography that actually showcases the "beautiful architectural details."

Set on a shy half acre, the 1200 sq. ft. residence features an open floor plan, a double height living room with a two-story stone fireplace, walls of glass and views of nearby Three Mile Harbor. While the washer-dryer in the kitchen feels a little out of place and there's no pool to be found, we can't find much else to complain about.

Curiously, the current owner?a lawyer from Manhattan?isn't looking for a huge return on the sale. He purchased the place for $858K and only bumped up the price $37K this go around. you think he overpaid in 2008 or is he undervaluing the home now?

· Listing: 20 Oyster Pond Lane [Corcoran]