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Another Norman Jaffe Design For Rent In Southampton

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If you're not into driving all the way to end of Meadow Lane to get to your Norman Jaffe-designed summer rental, you could always settle for this seven-bedroom, located near the intersection of Coopers Neck and Meadow Lanes. Fully renovated in 2007, the 8500 sq. ft., award-winning home is sure to impress with its open, sun-filled living spaces, master bedroom with a private porch and fireplace, and brand new state-of-the-art media room. There's also an oceanside gunite pool and a tennis court found amongst the 2.3 acres of "zen gardens".

While some might find spending $600K to live next to the Cooper's Beach parking lot all summer to be pure insanity, we can't help but think there's a certain caché in being able to say, "Oh, I'm in the house right next to one of the nation's prettiest beaches."

· Listing: Stunning Norman Jaffe Oceanfront Oasis [Sotheby's]