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A Charles Gwathmey "Masterpiece" In Sagaponack For $24M

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The last time we covered a Charles Gwathmey design, we got raked over the coals for calling the place dated. Since we now know better, we're just sticking with the facts on this one. Well, as far as brokerbabble can be considered factual, at any rate:

"Reflecting the iconic modernism of architect Charles Gwathmey, this exquisite 8000+/- sq. ft. 7 bedroom, 11.5 bath, masterpiece displays his genius in use of space, light, materials and flow that blur the line between architecture and art. Both the sweeping view over 2.5+/- acres and masterful fireplace in the double height living room form the centerpiece. Gourmet kitchen with Balthaup cabinetry and the finest finishes. The master suite takes advantage of the light and puts the view center stage. Curved walls hug the formal dining room and a spiral staircase leads to the office with balcony and panoramic ocean views."The property is also home to a heated gunite pool (with pool house) and an all-weather tennis court. And all this can be yours for a cool $24M. Feel free to criticize (or praise) in the comments...we're leaving this one alone.

· Listing: Gwathmey Modern Masterpiece, Deeded [Sotheby's]