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Reader Comments

The mild winter we've been experiencing doesn't seem to be melting our readership's penchant for frosty commentary. From the summer rental market to early year megasales to Real Housewife™ real estate woes, we could only respond to some of their remarks with "Daaaamn, that's cold." Here are just a few of last week's standouts:

NEVER. GONNA. HAPPEN.: "Keep dreaming folks, you won't get a Million for this rental. It's not state of the art - and has strange and somewhat dated colonial furnishings - and, with a rocking chair in the kitchen? You kiddin me! There were also some stains on the sisal runners if you really want to nitpick."

AT LEAST SHE'S STILL GOT GREAT HAIR: "Someone gave her a good, hard reality check. I would not be surprised if she settles for around $5 Million. She probably needs to cash out at this point, since Kelly is not really such a hot commodity anymore."

LOVE THE HOUSE, HATE THE DECOR: "Very nice home, horrible furnature (check out that wall clock!). Over priced, however (needs to be ocean front or Georgia Pond for that money). Expect a sale for $5-10MM under list."

LANGUISHING? YOU DON'T SAY!: "Uh, purple bedrooms, green ceilings, harsh flourescent-flooded gym + billiards room, and a really ugly movie theater........just can't imagine why the place is not selling."

SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL: "With a little bit of landscaping, it could be a great buy...but not with mold and the question as to what # the banks will accept. They wouldn't accept 1.25M and the original owner overpaid and was completely upside down on the property because he took out more than what the home was worth. He purchased it at the height of the market."

SOMEONE SOUNDS (JUSTIFIABLY) BITTER: "Home Owners have a RIGHT to rent out their homes and make a legal living. The fines are not nominal and it's a major hassle. How would you like having guests in your home being woken up at 5:30am with 8 cop cars surrounding your house for NO reason. It happened to me and the Code Enforcement lied about the condition of my home. I will be suing in the future, you can count on that!!"