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Lenny's New Owner Writes In, Hints At Future Plans

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The last time we discussed the sale of Lenny's in Montauk, the transaction was so new that details were still forthcoming. The only thing we could confirm was that the final sale price was near the original $4.7M ask and the folks from Surf Lodge were not behind the acquisition. However, the weekend brought an unexpected (and welcome) email from one of the new owners.

Hoping to stay ahead of the controversy that seems to surround any new operation in Montauk, Michael Walrath got in touch and shared some of what he and his partner Jimmy Tchinnes plan for the restaurant. The duo is the team behind Swallow in Huntington on Long Island. Known for its reasonable prices, family atmosphere and solidly-reviewed food, Mr. Walrath is hoping to re-create something very similar in the new spot. They're planning on "remain[ing] very true to the place's roots as a dockside restaurant, do amazing food (with a focus on fresh local ingredients), and create a fun and family oriented atmosphere." In case you were worried about the charter boats on the dock, we've been assured they're not going anywhere.

As for the name? Mr. Walrath said they're in the process of finalizing a new one, but we really hope it's not what their Huntington eatery's twitter feed suggests: Swallow Montauk. We can't imagine a town that's been struggling to keep its identity will roll out the welcome mat for an establishment that suggests an act so dramatic.

Nonetheless, Curbed readers will most likely see any change as an improvement. According to one commenter: "Anything has to be better than Lenny's. Never in my life have I ever had any food as bad as I had the one time I was at Lenny's."

We'll find out if that's the case when they open their doors in May.

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