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At $14.5M, This 5-Bedroom Is Amagansett's Priciest Listing

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After hitting the market in the last few days, this five-bedroom beach house in Amagansett can lay claim to the dubious title of "Most Expensive Listing In The 11930". That might sound nice as a boast, but it's never a good position to be in when trying to sell?especially when pricey properties in this particular area in Amagansett seem to linger longer than most. And, when they do sell, they change hands at a fraction of the original ask.

So, what makes this 4000 sq. ft. house different from the rest of its neighbors on Marine Blvd.? Not all that much, to be honest:

"Abundant windows and glass doors frame panoramic views of sun and sky. High ceilings, custom woodwork, superior materials and finishes enhance the open plan living room, dining area and kitchen. Five bedrooms plus nursery/sitting room, 6 1/2 baths, family room, elevator, gunite pool and pool house, plus a 2-car garage. 160 feet of direct beachfront."It's definitely a nice house with a killer location and view. They're just asking too much. Sadly, this pricetag is a direct result of the current owners buying near the top of the real estate bubble. They shelled out $12.5M for the place at the end of 2007?so they'll be lucky to break even. Anyone want to take a crack at what they really should be going for? Update: Our handlers over at Curbed National peeled themselves away from writing Revenge fan fiction long enough to draw our attention to this almost-10-acre parcel in Amagansett. Asking price? $200,000,000.

· Listing: Amagansett Oceanfront [Sotheby's]