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Stay In A Norman Jaffe-Designed Oceanfront In Southampton

Long-time curbed readers should be familiar with this oceanfront five-bedroom on Southampton's Meadow Lane. Not only is it the work of Hamptons starchitect Norman Jaffe, but it was also involved in a little lawsuit following the summer of 2010. Lazard co-CEO Matthieu Pigasse was all set to rent the house for three weeks in August, but bolted after just one night saying "he didn't like the view." In a truly idiotic move on the broker's part, no contracts were signed before the keys were handed over.

The $165K lawsuit is still making its way through the courts, but in the meantime, the house is once again available for rent. Set a huge 4.2 oceanfront acres, the home is the last one on Meadow Lane before Shinnecock County Park, offers unobstructed views of the Atlantic and Shinnecock Bay and some...uh...pretty interesting furnishings. It should come as no surprise that a home purchased for $20M in 2008 won't come cheap...the owner is looking for $400K the season.

If a tenant is found, let's hope the brokers know enough to get signatures this time around.

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