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This Homeowner Is Just Trying To Break Even In Sag Harbor

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Andrew Lee Taylor purchased this completely renovated Sag Harbor three-bedroom for $999K in September of 2007. Then, a little less than a year ago, he put the 1300 sq. ft. home back on the market with the same ask attached. It's a pretty sweet little pad too. Check it out:

"Turn-key property with deluxe chefs kitchen and dining area with lovely garden views, 2 downstairs guest rooms with fresh new full bath and master suite upstairs. Wind your way thru the property to reach an artists studio that could have many different uses. Views of Otter Pond from the studio."Also, there might be room for a pool?the property is only .22 acres?but that's been investigated now. We're more interested in figuring out why the homeowner isn't looking for a tidy little profit, though. Anyone have any plausible theories? · Listing: 295 Main Street [Corcoran]