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Better Photography Leads To A Quick Sale In Montauk

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If there was ever any doubt as to the importance photos can play in the marketing of a home, 52 Star Top Drive should be a good lesson. When we first wrote about this Bates+Masi design, the images available to the brokers were all sorts of terrible. The listing had previously been open and they chose to use what was available when they got the exclusive. Judging by the reader response (Sample comment: "Are those jokers serious? I can't see buying a used car from them much less trusting them on a sale of this size.") it may have been wiser to hold off until they could schedule some professional photography. It was always part of the plan, they just didn't expect us to pounce on the property as quickly as we did. When better shots did become available?about a week later?the difference was dramatic and response was almost immediate. Within days, several parties had bid on the place and a contract was signed. From what we've been told, the house will close for the full $2.1M asking price.
· Listing: On Top Of The World [Prudential Douglas Elliman via HREO]