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$2.6M Water Mill Teardown Scores A Buyer In Three Weeks

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Yeah, yeah, we know. Everything's a teardown in the Hamptons. Curbed commenters definitely have itchy trigger fingers when it comes to labeling homes in the area as "land value only" (we're guilty of it too). However, for this particular listing, it most certainly applies. No interior photos and those of the exterior show a rather unremarkable dwelling. The one acre of property "on one of the most sought after lanes in the Hamptons" is ripe for something a little more impressive (and maybe a little landscaping). The listing agents are keenly aware or this too. The brokerbabble notes that one could "Expand on this existing structure" (ain't gonna happen) or "start over and build an 8,000sf home with pool & pool house" (ah...that's more like it). Considering someone jumped on the $2.6M offering in less than a month, we have a feeling they'll be going with the latter.
· Listing: 94 Cobb Road Water Mill [Prudential Douglas Elliman]