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Though On The Market For Years, EH 7-Bedroom Ups The Ask

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Depending on where you're looking, this seven-bedroom in East Hampton has been on the market since August of 2007 or October of 2009. Either way, it's been unsuccessfully looking for a buyer for a while now. That's why it's a little curious to learn $150K was recently tacked on to the $4.5M asking price. The brokerbabble notes that the home has a "great rental history" and the current owner paid $2.5M for the place back in 2000, so we guess they're not overly concerned with how long the place has been up for sale.

As for the residence itself, it's your basic mid-tier rich person's summer home. It offers 7500 sq. ft. of living space, a handful of fireplaces, a chef's kitchen, a finished basement with a screening room, bedrooms galore, and some generously sized common areas . The 1.3 acre property checks off all the relevant boxes as well: Heated gunite pool with a pool house, a tennis court, old growth know the drill. Not exactly the most memorable of places, but, at the very least, no one's gonna be screaming "teardown" in the comments.
· Listing: 327 Georgica Road [Corcoran]