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6 Pricechops Later, 12 Hook Pond Lane Has Found A Buyer

This little number had completely fallen off our radar until we discovered it listed as "In Contract" on HREO. Readers might recall that the last time we paid a visit to 12 Hook Pond Lane was to discuss the home's fourth pricechop of 2011. The $545K cut back in December brought the listing's ask down to $4.95M. It didn't stay there for long, though. About four months later, the seller shaved off another $200K. But it wasn't until chop number six in September?a healthy one for $455K that dropped the pricetag down to $4.295M?that someone finally decided to put the seller out of their motivated misery.

Forgetting the interiors for a moment (if that's possible), we really kinda like the little six-bedroom. Or should we say "liked?" The brokerbabble noting that "Permits are in place for a house, garage and water side pool" all but guarantees that it'll have a date with the wrecking ball shortly after the sale is complete. Speaking of...guesses for final purchase price in the comments, please.
· Listing: Hook Pond In The Village Estate Area [Brown Harris Stevens]