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The Topping Rose House's Rooms Are The East End's Priciest

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While the hotel at the Topping Rose House won't be open until May of 2013, they're already accepting reservations. And, as you might expect based upon the restaurant's price point, they are expensive. In fact, they can lay claim to the title of "Most Expensive In The Hamptons" by a pretty wide margin. A weekend stay in one of the "cheaper" rooms is going to set you back a whopping $2,120.88. Two nights in the Cottage Suite? That'll be $6,697.50, please. To put that in perspective, rates at the Inn At Windmill Lane?the area's previous title holder?top out at $2100/night. Believe it or not, a couple of weekends in June and July are already sold out. So, wealthy vacationers, better make those travel arrangements soon. Otherwise, there may be no room at the inn come next season.

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