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Famed NYC Architect Asks $3.8M For His Southampton Barn

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We tend to be a little skeptical of brokerbabble that mentions the seller is an important figure in the world of design or architecture. 9 times out of 10, the "well known designer" or "prominent architect" mentioned in the copy is neither. So, you might understand why this listing's use of "Legendary Architect" to describe the owner of this renovated potato barn had our Spidey sense tingling.

Turns out, the "renowned modern architect" who owns the place is Constantine A. Kondylis. The name may be unfamiliar, but those who've spent any time in Manhattan will have undoubtedly seen his work dotting the skyline. According to a Gawker profile, "Over the past decade, virtually every major New York developer has tapped Kondylis to design at least one building." His biggest client? He of the magic combover, Mr. Donald Trump. Mr. Kondylis' firm was responsible for the International Hotel and Tower at Columbus Circle, several of the towers at Trump Place, and the Trump World Tower. All totaled, he's played a role in the design of over 80 NYC high rises. To borrow from Ron Burgundy, he's kind of a big deal.

Well, Mr. Kondylis is looking to offload his four-bedroom pad in Southampton for a cool $3.8M. Set on a little less than an acre, the 3500 square footer offers floor-to-ceiling windows, a "soaring interior space," the requisite chef's kitchen, and four bathrooms. The property also boasts an 80' pool/spa combo, an apple orchard and vineyard, an electronic gate and privacy hedges. Sadly, what you won't find is the collection of sports cars that was once displayed in the living room. Maybe the next owner can figure out something to do with the space. Right now, it feels a wee bit table-heavy.
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