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Sag Harbor's Phao Closes For The Season

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This one kind of came out of nowhere. Late Friday night, Phao used Twitter and Facebook to announce that they'd be closing for the season the very next day. Fortunately, it's not another example of the take-the-summer-money-and-run trend that's all too common 'round these parts. After being accused of just that on their Facebook page, someone from the restaurant responded with "we are not running, but we need to do a lot of improvements and will be back very soon..we hope in February." Looks like you'll just have to wait until then to get your fix of absurdly overpriced* Thai food.
· Phao [Official Site]

*Seriously...charging $22 for pad thai should be against the law.

Phao Thai Kitchen

29 Main Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963 631 725 0101 Visit Website


29 Main Street Sag Harbor, NY