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Curbed Awards: 2012 Listings We Won't Soon Forget

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It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the most deserving people, places and things in the worlds of Hamptons real estate, architecture, and dining. That's right, it's time for the Second Annual Curbed Awards! Today's topic: 2012's Most Memorable Listings

196 County Road 39A, Southampton
The year started off on a That's Rather Hideous high note when we came across the interiors of this Southampton home. One word: Toile. From the window dressings to the bedding to the walls and the furniture...the patterned material could be found in almost every room in the house. Unsurprisingly, a buyer has yet to jump on this $725K offering. [LINK]

980 Meadow Lane, Southampton
Unlike cityfolk, we don't often concern ourselves with price per square foot. We had to make an exception for this $32M Meadow Lane offering, though. The four-bedroom works out to be asking rougly $10,800/sq. ft. Just think of the 4+ acres of oceanfront property as a bonus. [LINK]

3 Stokes Court, East Hampton
We couldn't help but give this East Hampton property the "You Can't Be Serious" treatment for including some of the most amusing listing photos we've come across. However, the seller and listing agent ended up having the last laugh. The four-bedroom closed for $705K back in May. [LINK]

31 Bridge Lane, Sagaponack
When this Sagaponack 8-bedroom hit the market in June, its $65M pricetag was enough to snatch the title of "Most Expensive Listing" away from Three Ponds Farm. Sure, the latter includes its own golf course and offers almost twice as much property, but it's north of the highway (Hey, that matters to some people). On the "better" side of 27, you'll find this 11,000 sq. ft. traditional on 33 acres looking out over Sagg Pond. [LINK]

120 Fort Pond Boulevard, Springs
Note to brokers: If the home you're representing was broken into and ransacked, it's probably a good idea to tidy up a bit before giving anyone the chance to see it. An employee of Douglas Elliman learned that the hard way when real estate blogger Cara Greenberg snapped some photos of the mess found inside this Springs cottage. As you might have guessed: "The mouse droppings in the kitchen were abundant". This makes us kinda glad that Smell-O-Vision never caught on. [LINK]

493 Rose Hill Road, Water Mill
For the well-heeled homebuyer struggling to find a way to impress his or her equally well-heeled cohorts, Andrew Zaro did you a solid when he put his Water Mill estate up for sale back in October. The $40M listing includes a walk-in wine cellar, a kitchen with its own living room, and a temperature controlled fur vault. Oh yeah, the property also comes with its very own private island. [LINK]