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Della Femina Sells At A $15M Discount, Blames Obama

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"I'm basically the loser in Obama's class warfare. If Romney was elected, we would have had our parties in East Hampton this year." - Jerry Della Femina, complaining to the New York Post after selling his home for $25,000,000 $24,650,000.

Well, he's finally done it. Jerry Della Femina has sold his oceanfront home in East Hampton. The NY Post is reporting that he recently offloaded the property to the tune of $25M $24.65M . An impressive number, sure, but not quite the $40M Jerry D. was hoping for back in 2010. Still, the "Madman Of Madison Avenue" is coming away from the transaction with quite a handsome profit. He originally purchased the place for $3M and "estimated that he invested roughly $6 million in bringing it to its current glory."

One would think that the $15M or so he's pocketing on the deal (minus taxes and commissions, of course) would be cause for celebration, but Mr. Della Femina is taking the opportunity to continue his crusade against President Obama's wealth-redistributin', freedom hatin', socialist ways. He told the Post, "I don't want my money going to Obama, and that's what's going to happen in the New Year. That's why I sold right now, that's why I wanted to get this done."
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