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Ronald Perelman Building A Fence On Public Property?

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A concerned tipster send us the following message about a series of posts recently installed at the entrance to "The Creeks," Ronald Perelman's mega estate in the village of East Hampton:

"Billionaire with huge waterfront estate on south side of Montauk Highway just as you come into the Village of East Hampton has put wooden posts that define his driveway in the public right of way up against the asphalt. State owns at least ten feet of the shoulder, not just paved portion. This is a dangerous situation, if somebody had to pull off the road quickly. With a couple inches of snow making posts invisible it could even prove fatal. Are the authorities looking the other way?"

Readers might recall that Mr. Perelman's driveway gate ran afoul of code enforcement this summer for being over the maximum height allowance. According to Patch, the "new gate is being brought into compliance," but it doesn't look like they're in much of a hurry.