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East Hampton Puts The Kibosh On Elie Tahari's Windows

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It would seem that Elie Tahari's "non-denominational modern take on the idea of using light to celebrate and commemorate the holiday season" has run afoul of East Hampton Village officials. Speaking with Patch, the village administrator said the boutique's holiday windows "violated a section of the code prohibiting neon and neon-type lights and signs including those within a building directly visible to any area outside of the building." The company was notified of the violation earlier this month and will need to respond to the summons in the East Hampton Justice Court. They face a fine of up to $250 for each day the display remains.

Having no interest repeating the Great Jerry Della Femina Signage Battle Of '93, the company quickly issued a statement:

"The Elie Tahari East Hampton stores has always been a productive and supportive member of the East Hampton business community and although we are surprised by the reaction to our holiday window display there are plans to amend it in order to comply with Village zoning rules."According to Patch, the display was "still glowing bright" last night.
· Holiday Display Yields Ticket in East Hampton Village [Patch]