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Watchcase Units Will Run Between $710K And $10.2M

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For those who have been wondering how much the units in Sag Harbor's Watchcase (a.k.a, The $60M project formerly known as the Bulova Watch Factory Condominiums) would be asking, we finally got our hands on some numbers. Keep in mind, these prices could change between now and next spring (when selling is expected to commence), but this is the most recent intel available:

1BR: $710K - $1.99M
2BR: $1.49M - $5.5M
3BR: $2.4M - $10.2M
Townhouses: $3.49M - $6.5M

2 Townhouses with 4/5BR: $4.26M - $4.36MIf you couldn't guess, the more expensive units are penthouses. Those harbor views command a premium. Remember, those who purchase a place in this "village-within-a-village" will also be on the hook for monthly common charges. Someone's gotta pay for all of the sweet amenities being offered. We've got estimates for those too:

2BR with terrace ($2.9M): $1936/month
3BR Penthouse ($10.2M): $2877/month
2BR Penthouse ($7.8M): $2900/month
4BR Townhouse ($6.5M): $4036/month
2BR Penthouse ($4.5M): $1982/month

1BR ($1.11M): $668/month And don't forget that the government needs its cut too! Monthly property taxes will run between $100 and $800, depending on the size of the unit. So...anyone got their checkbook ready?
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