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Four-Bedroom Francis Fleetwood Traditional Closes Above Ask

Looks like this little stretch of road in Wainscott is going to be seeing a moving van or two in the not-too-distant future. Earlier this fall, we noted that 24 Goose Creek Lane changed hands. Well, today we learned that nearby 12 Goose Creek Lane also has a new owner. However, unlike the two years and $10M worth of discounts required to move the estate of the late Stuyvesant Wainwright II, this deal was done within six months and the place actually traded for more than the asking price. Sure, 12 Goose Creek LLC only shelled out $105K above the original $6.995M pricetag, but the transaction still joins the ultra exclusive club of Hamptons homes that closed above ask in 2012. In the land of languishing listings and dramatic pricechops, it's always nice to come across a little good news.
· Listing: 12 Goose Creek Lane [Corcoran]