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It's Pricechop #4 For This Peter Cook Designed Eight-Bedroom

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The last time we wrote about this East Hampton traditional designed by Peter Cook, it was to make note of a $700K summertime pricechop. Same story this time around, except the cut is for a hefty $1.3M. This most recent reduction brings the ask down to a still healthy $14.9M. Judging by the reaction back in June, the pricetag might be a little too healthy. Calling it "massively overpriced", one commenter thought the the 3.5 acre estate "wont get any bites till it goes below $10" million. Even that exceptionally discounted pricepoint (the home was initially asking $19M in 2009) was too much for a couple of other readers?they both agreed that "4m is very fair for this home." Ouch.
· Premiere Georgica Estate [Sotheby's International Realty]