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$30M Listing Employs New Broker, Still Looking For Copy Editor

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Having no luck finding a buyer for their Meadow Lane oceanfront since listing last March, the owner has recently enlisted the help of Corcoran power-broker, Tim Davis. According to his bio, Mr. Davis has been responsible for over $2B in real estate transactions during his career and has sales exceeding $200M for this year alone. That's why it seems a little strange that the newest brokerbabble has almost as many mistakes as it does sentences. To wit (bolding ours):

"Contemporary residence of high quality construction is superbly sited on Meadow Lane. Over 5 Acres of land with spectacular ocean coastline and Shinnecock Bay views. This home sits forward of neighboring houses affording views beyond the 200 feet of property with. Oceanside swimming pool and bayside tennis court all beautifully position behind electric entry gate. Exception Offering."Between the intial poor quality photos and these grammatical oversights, we're starting to get the impression that the brokers aren't overly enthusiastic about having this property in their stable of listings.
· Listing: 5 Acres Of Protected Oceanfront [Corcoran]