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Will Pricechop #4 Be Enough To Sell This East Hampton Abode?

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While there have been a few quick sales in recent months, this five-bedroom's efforts to find a buyer are on the less welcome end of the Hamptons real estate spectrum. It was first listed all the way back in September of 2009 for $6.85M. Now, more than two years, three agencies, and four pricechops later, the home is hoping $5.2M will get the job done.

Weighing in at around 6000 sq. ft., the Tudor-style home features custom woodwork and stained oak flooring throughout, a double-height living room, a pretty sweet lookin' paneled library, a chef's kitchen, four fireplaces, a formal dining room and a finished basement. The one acre property?"equidistant to Georgica Beach and East Hampton Main Beach?also includes a stone patio, "proper gardens," and a pool/pool house combo that looks like a chore to keep clean (although, if you're spending $5M on a place, you can probably spring for a weekly pool cleaning service).

So...what do you think about the new price? Low enough to interest a buyer or is this listing going to be around for a while longer?
· Listing: Published Georgica Home Near Ocean [Saunders]