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Billy Joel Wastes No Time Protecting His Sagaponack Home

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[Photo credit: Claas Abraham]

While most of the inland area was spared the worst of Hurricane Sandy, the coasts weren't nearly as lucky. Speaking with The Real Deal, builder Jeffery Collé described just how badly the main dune in Sagaponack was hit: "The road stops and you walk onto the sand usually, and, well, now the road stops and it's just eight feet down."

Now, with news of another storm threatening to stall recovery efforts and perhaps worsen already fragile beaches, folks are scrambling to protect their investments. One such homeowner is the piano man himself, Billy Joel. A Curbed tipster just sent the following images of an "instant dune" that was erected in front of his home on Gibson Lane over the weekend. While it looks like the residence was able to escape mostly undamaged, take a look at that drop off. If Mr. Joel decides to put the place back on the market, that image is not going to make finding a buyer an easy task.

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