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Georgica Pond Cottage Closes At A $1.2M Discount Above Ask

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[Aerial photo credit: Alex Ferrone]

We've been curious to know what this little cottage on Georgica Pond would trade for ever since it found a buyer in mid-August. Today, we've got our answer: $2.777M...or roughly 30% off from its original $3.995M asking price. Not too shabby considering the 1100 sq. ft. cottage is set on just .3 acres. Still, location, location, location...those .3 acres are found in one of the East End's most desirable areas.

UPDATE: Looks like HREO had some incorrect information. According to the listing agent, after a bidding war, this home closed for $4.177M...almost $200K more than the initial asking price. We regret the error.
· Listing: Gorgeous Setting In Georgica Pond [Sotheby's International Realty via HREO]