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Another Tuscan-Style Home In Noyac Without A Buyer

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It looks like this particular home is destined for the same fate as its big brother/next door neighbor?further pricechops and continued languishing. This particular four-bedroom hit the market waaaay back in May of 2010 for $3.8M. Three cuts later (and a recent priceup after switching to a new agency) now sees it hoping for $2.995M?the same ask of the much larger home it shares a border with.

According to a Curbed reader who lives nearby, there's a good reason why both homes have been on the market for so long: "The houses surrounding it (the whole neighborhood) go for $600K on average. It just doesn't make any sense as to why he would try to build anything that he would believe would sell for $5M there."
· Listing: 114 Highview Drive [Prudential Douglas Elliman]