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W Magazine Editor's Home Finds A Buyer In Two Months

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The last time we wrote about the Bridgehampton home of W magazine editor Stefano Tonchi, the reaction was generally positive?a rarity on Curbed Hamptons. Other than a few readers comparing it to a bunker and one breaking out the old "teardown" chestnut, most seemed to appreciate the two-bedroom's design and Mr. Tonchi's decorating sensibilities (if not the $1.795M pricetag).

Turns out the readers weren't alone in their admiration. The home was able to find a buyer almost exactly two months after being listed for sale. We don't expect it'll go for the full amount when the deal is finalized, but a relatively short stay on the market usually indicates it'll trade pretty close to it. Anyone care to take a guess as to just how close that'll be?
· Listing: Bridgehampton Privacy [Saunders]