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Take A Look Inside The Highway Diner & Bar

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For those that have been clamoring for a better look inside East Hampton's (Wainscott, to be exact) newest restaurant, the Highway Diner & Bar, feast your eyes on the photos above. From what we've been told, many of the furnishings?the booths, tables and countertops?were constructed on site. And here's and interesting tidbit: While they were disassembling the existing bar during the extensive renovation process, they found the original's two-inch thick oak top (dating back to the 1940s) buried under several layers of materials. They cleaned it up and repurposed it. Reduce, reuse, they say.

Anyone have the chance to check the place out yet? From what a few folks have told us, the food is solid and?we hope you're sitting down?the prices are actually reasonable. If you've had the opportunity to dine there, feel free to shoot us an Email or share your experience in the comments.

Update: Upon closer inspection of the borders of East Hampton and Wainscott, we've determined that this property falls on the East Hampton side of things. We've updated the post to reflect that.
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