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After A $76K Priceup, Springs Three-Bedroom Still In The Red

After hitting the market last June for $435K and seeing its price dropped to $403K roughly a month later, this three-bedroom in Springs just upped its ask by about $76K. New pricetag? $480K. Good enough to remain in our illustrious Under 500K Club, but keeping that membership isn't exactly cause for celebration. According to StreetEasy, the current owner shelled out $675K for the place back in 2006.

While the lack of photos showcasing the home's exterior is a little worrisome, those that are available show a pretty decent little pad. It's got high ceilings, wood floors throughout, a not-unattractive kitchen, and a deck off the back. The listing also notes that the home includes a fireplace in the living room, an attached garage, an outdoor shower, and a finished basement. No pool on the almost half-acre parcel, but it looks like there's more than enough room to install one.

Listing: 167 Woodbine Drive [Corcoran]