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The Original, $80M Design For The New Parrish Art Museum

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[Renderings of the Parrish Art Museum, 2006. Credit: Herzog & de Meuron]

While the reaction concerning the design of the newly opened Parrish Art Museum seems to be mixed here on Curbed, many readers couldn't help but take issue with the final pricetag. Between the land and the building itself, almost $30M was spent to bring the project to reality. "Anyone else think it is somewhat scandalous how much it cost?" asked one commenter.

Believe it or not, what we got is the discount version. According to a piece in New York, "In 2006, Herzog & de Meuron proposed an $80 million compound of galleries modeled on various Long Island artist studios, connected by air-lock-like joints." When fundraising fell "far short" of that goal, one of the architecture firm's partners suggested what eventually became the finished product. At least we'll always have renderings...
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Parrish Art Museum

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