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$19M Bridgehampton Compound Lands A Buyer In 3 Months

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Hot on the heels of 555 Sagaponack Road closing for $18M comes news that another pricey property on Sagg Pond is getting ready to change hands. Bridgehampton's 228 Meadowlark Lane recently clicked over to "In Contract" on HREO.

The last time we mentioned the 2.7 acre, two-residence compound, there was some disagreement over the $19M asking price. One reader called for the Pricechopper while another thought that the ask didn't "seem [that] excessive" and wrote that they "wouldn't be surprised to see it snapped up quickly." Looks like the latter must have had a crystal ball (or a keen feel for Hamptons real estate) as the home was only listed in late August.

As we await the sale to close, feel free to offer your best guesses for the final purchase price in the comments.

· Listing: Exquisite Sagg Pond Frontage Waterfront [Sotheby's International Realty]