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The Topping Rose House Is Now Serving Brunch

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After missing the summer season due to construction delays, everything seems to be running smoothly over at the Topping Rose House since opening the other month. While there's been some grumbling over the price-point and portion size, the few Curbed readers who actually made it out to Tom Colicchio's latest eatery can't praise the place enough.

"...each serving was divinely presented and tasted amazing." "My husband said his bass was the best he ever had in his life."

"I'm Italian and have eaten many home made pasta dishes in my day, but this was truly incredible."

While it would be easy to discount the gushing as the work of a PR team gettin' busy in the comments, it should be noted that the raves continue offline. We've spoken to a handful of people who have dined there and the general sentiment seems to be: Pricey, but worth it. That being said, the restaurant has just gotten into the brunch game. On Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30pm to 2:30pm, the Topping Rose House will be serving up more of Colicchio's vegetable-heavy, wallet lightening fare.

Topping Rose House Brunch Menu

Whatever bacon broth is, it sounds delicious.
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