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An Eight-House Sag Harbor Rental Portfolio Asks $5M

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Well here's a Curbed Hamptons first: A group of homes packaged as a "rental portfolio." Eight...count 'em, eight! in Sag Harbor for $5M. Sadly, the listing doesn't go into too much detail about the houses. Instead, it offers arguments as to why this is a "Genius Value Play":

· Storm overflow pressure on South of the Highway homes in the surrounding Hamptons (wasted no time capitalizing on that)
· Pending monetary shifts
· Top nop schools
· Low property taxes

· The low, low crime rateThe brokerbabble, perhaps optimistically, also notes that "$5M brings in 250,000 annually for year one - plus sound investments targeted at the middle class with expanding rental demand and combined new market dynamics suggest many years of double digit growth even without considering historically low interest rate environment." Thoughts? · Listing: Fiscal Cliff [Simon Harrison]