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Go Inside Amagansett's $7.9M Windmill House

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Those who want a better look into Amagansett's 'famed' Windmill House on 64 Deep Lane, direct your peepers to the video above. The residence was recently featured on Zillow's "Houses Of The Week" and their clip offers a glimpse inside the one-time rental of Kurt Vonnegut and Terrence Stamp. Sure, the place is noticeably cramped, but the listing agent told Zillow that the five-acre property is big enough "to enlarge the windmill home or build up to a 30,000-square-foot addition." So, if the 1300 sq. ft. of living space isn't big enough for ya, there's always the opportunity to increase it by a factor of 23.

Coolness alert: The third floor (currently used as storage) has some remnants of the machinery when the windmill was in operation.

· House of the Week: Converted Hamptons Windmill [Zillow]
· Listing: 64 Deep Lane - Amagansett North [Prudential Douglas Elliman]

64 Deep Lane, Amagansett, NY