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In Wainscott, A $1.795M Farmhouse Overflowing With Stuff

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Those who thought the Montauk contemporary that we recently featured had too many "tchotchkes, knickknacks and doodads" haven't seen anything. This four-bedroom farmhouse is positively packed to the rafters with stuff. The boys from American Pickers would have a field day with this place.

Overwhelming Americana notwithstanding, we actually like the place. The $1.795M listing offers a wetbar in living room, wood flooring throughout, a high-ceiling finished basement with a bathroom, and a trio of accessory structures (one with heat and electric). The massive 4.59-acre property also boasts mature landscaping, a stone patio, a free-form pool with a waterfall, and a volleyball court. It's located off of 114, but it's set back far enough that the associated traffic noise might not be an issue.

· Listing: Farm House On Over Four Acres [Town & Country]