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One Year Later, 176 Surfside Drive Gets A $1M Pricechop

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Readers might recall that this Frank Greenwald-design got absolutely brutalized in the comments the last time it made an appearance on Curbed. While most didn't take issue with the home itself, the pricing certainly brought out the knives:

"I got a great laugh at the ask, considering a better house on the ocean is $12.9 mil. AT BEST, this house is worth $6.5 mil." "It won't trade for more than say $7mm but $6mm is a fairer price."

"It is a mediocre home on a great street and it doesn't have its own private path. Does the broker think that a buyer will pay $13mm for a $6mm house site unseen?"

"I understand that every seller has an inflated value of their homes. That's natural, but the ask for this home is plain stupid."

"The price is borderline obscene."

"At the asking price, the owners will be living on Surfside drive another 10 years."

Well, it's been almost exactly one year since this "modern masterpiece" hit the market and, other than the ask (it's now hoping for $12.3M) and some welcome interior photos, nothing has changed about the listing. At least the asking price is headed in the right direction. Though, if the commenters are to be believed, it's still got a long way to go. · Listing: Premiere Surfside Drive Location [Sotheby's International Realty]