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Bridgehampton's 260 Jobs Lane Closes For $23.15M

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Fall's just begun and we've got our first massive sale on the books. 260 Jobs Lane?the one that used renderings from Revel Inspired which amusingly featuring a Range Rover in the driveway?just closed. Final purchase price? $23,150,000. The sale, though huge by any normal standards, is only the 7th largest (most likely 8th if Linden closes before the end of 2012) of the year. Most notable about the purchase is that it is for a home that has yet to be completed. Builder Jay Bialsky is expected to have the place finished by January 2013... just in time to rent out next summer!

· Listing: Western Sunsets On The Water [Saunders]
· 260 Jobs Lane [Official Site]