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Another Montauk Leisurama Hits The Market, Asks $1.6M

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The last time an original Leisurama hit the market, it got snapped up with a quickness?it had only been listed for two weeks before a contract was signed. So, those who felt like they missed a golden opportunity better get moving on this one, especially considering it's asking $100K less.

Set on .77 acres of Block Island Sound waterfront, the 1800 sq. ft. three-bedroom is waiting for a new owner to put his or her "personal touches on a true Montauk classic." For those homebuyers that aren't interested in a renovation project, there's always the option of creating "a magnificent new residence" that takes advantage of the "views of the sandy beach, the North Fork, Connecticut and sunsets across the big open water." Coastal erosion is a definite worry, but permits for a bulkhead are in place so those fears may be somewhat assuaged.

· Listing: Room With Amazing Views [Saunders]