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The Montauk Movie Could Be A Victim Of The Digital Age

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" can't keep it open for sentimental reasons." ? Dave Rutkowski, manager of the Montauk Movie

Due to the trend of big studios moving to digital-only projection, the Montauk Movie may have shown its last film. The current theater manager told The East Hampton Star that the equipment costs associated with the switch would be around $85K, a cost that the theatre owners would be unwilling to pay. Instead, they've opted to put the space up for rent.

Since the building is zoned "central business" the Star article notes that it "could be revamped as a restaurant, retail store, or yoga studio." If no renter is found by next summer, the family that owns the theatre might consider re-opening for the 2013 season, but "showing only the movies that remain on 35mm film reels."

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