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Truman Capote's Former Sagaponack Home Returns To Market

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After attempting to sell his Sagaponack estate back in 2008 for a cool $14.6M, noted abstract-expressionist painter Ross Bleckner has decided to try his real estate fate once again. He's just re-listed the four-acre property with Sotheby's for $15M. In addition to being a rather sizable chunk of land, the listing is notable as it holds a bit of literary significance. Namely, Truman Capote used to call the place home and was living there when he completed his much-celebrated In Cold Blood. According to the New York Observer:

"Mr. Capote resided in the Sagaponack home, which sits on four acres near the beach, for 23 years prior to his death in 1984. He bequeathed the property to his partner, Jack Dunphy. When Mr. Dunphy died in 1992, the house was passed on to the Nature Conservancy, which then sold it to artist Ross Bleckner in 1993 for $800,000."During Mr. Bleckner's ownership, the artist has restored and enlarged the main house to 2,000 square feet and added a 1,900 square-foot studio, a two-bedroom guesthouse, an outdoor pool and garage. · Listing: Sagaponack Revisited [Sotheby's International Realty]