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$4.195M Sagaponack Contemporary Not Long For This World

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While the brokerbabble notes that the four-bedroom contemporary that currently resides at 359 Parsonage Lane could be expanded, everything else about the listing screams, "TEARDOWN!" To wit:

· "Beautiful 1.3 acre property located down a private pillared driveway off one of Sagaponack south's premier lanes."
· "...south-facing lot is set well back from the road and hedged for privacy."
· "Excellent spot for new construction..."

· "Surrounded by substantial estates..."A date with the wrecking ball is so certain that this is actually listed as a "Land" in the Curbed Marketplace. Hopefully, potential buyers/builders don't have dreams of a tennis court, though. The village of Sagaponack's newly proposed setbacks would require a bit more acreage than is currently being offered here. Still, there's more than enough room to erect a massive shingle-style traditional that'll blend right in with the area's other "substantial estates." · Listing: 359 Parsonage Lane [Corcoran]