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Dissecting The Parrish Art Museum, In Poetry Form

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It's been more than two years in the making, but the new Parrish Art Museum is finally, joyously, scheduled to open its doors next month?November 10th, to be exact. In his latetest review, Bloomberg's architecture critic/poet laureate, James S. Russell, discusses the almost 35,000 sq. ft. structure, a project the "far more ambitious than anyone would have thought possible a few years ago." His prose could give Gary Depersia's a run for its money, so we're taking a feature straight from Curbed NY's playbook on this one. Without further ado, it's Rhyme Time with James Russell:

The endless plane of the sea,
the mist-filtered sunlight
and the low rumpled dunes of the Hamptons.

The building appears to hover
just above the mixed grasses and wildflowers
that will ultimately grow thigh high.

I found cabinetry crafted from recycled local pine.

Roof windows
beautifully mix and balance the ever-changing daylight.
Electric lighting should rarely be needed.

Stripping the design to its essence,
he has achieved a kind of unself-conscious beauty
before the mist-wreathed flat fields were carved into
exactingly curated clapboard concoctions.

The white-metal framing extends
the monumental Greek temple allusion in the light of the
low setting sun.


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Parrish Art Museum

279 Montauk Highway , Water Mill, NY 11976 631 283 2118