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North Sea Listing Uses Some Curious Brokerbabble

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We're used to a little hyperbole when it comes to listing copy, but this $2.495M five-bedroom definitely stands out because of a rather bold proclamation:

"Newly listed home features the most dramatic water front views available in all of Southampton!" 1) Since it first hit the market in January, "newly listed" seems like a bit of a stretch.
2) The home is in North Sea. Sure, the hamlet is part of Southampton, but this is akin to saying that a home in Springs is in East Hampton or one in Noyack is in Sag Harbor. Technically correct (they do share the same zip codes), but it fails to make an important distinction between the hamlets.
3) "...features the most dramatic water front views in all of Southampton." There are probably a few places on Meadow Lane?not to mention every house on the street where this one is found?that might disagree. · Listing: Paradise Found At A New Price!!! [Saunders]